Officine Montecristo is a cultural association and theatre company founded in 2016.
Focuses are: theatre productions, theatre and musical events organization, promotion of cultural events and performing arts, with particular attention to emerging professionals and to the European dialogue of new generations of artists.
The association includes young actors, musicians and technicals graduated in the most important italian schools, together with directors and organisers with important national and international professional experience.

The founders of Officine Montecristo are Giovanni Firpo (theatre director), Giuliana Rienzi (technical director) and Mariangela Mazza (lawyer).

Our productions were represented in Italy (Rome, Lucca, Arezzo), Germany, Czech Republic and India.

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Our Headquarters

Our office is located in Via San Bernardino da Siena 5 in Arezzo.

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Officine Montecristo
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Main Room

Officine Montecristo
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Officine Montecristo