Laboratorio di costruzione della maschera diretto da Pau Cirer - Arezzo, 13-14-15 Aprile

Pau Cirer is one of the most promising mask makers and pedagogues of the moment.

Aim of the workshop

To Provide participants with the technical tools to learn how to build any type of mask at a technical and design level.

We propose an open study laboratory for actors, directors, set designers, architects, choreographers, dancers, plastic artists. At the end of the course participants will keep the mask they will have built and the tools to realize it.


Practical study, planning, realization and dramatization of the theatrical mask.


The work sessions are structured to be as practical and participatory as possible, alternating theoretical expositions and practical activities on:

-The dramatic concept as a starting point for the work with the mask

-The plastic concept derived from the student's answer.

- The ergonomic actor-mask relationship.

The workshop will be structured as follows:

Friday April 13th from 3PM to 8.30PM

- Main types of mask and related references

- Study and creation of a mask idea

- Modeling I

Saturday, April 14th from 9 AM to 8.30 PM, with lunch break.

- Modeling II

- Plaster cast I

- Card application I

Sunday, April 15th from 9 AM to 2 PM

- Coloring and finishing (introduction and examples)

- Plaster cast II

- Card application II


Pau Cirer

Actor and creator of masks, graduated in Dramatic Art at ESABID, Mallorca. Complete his studies with the Official Master in Theater Studies at UAB, UPF and IT in Barcelona. He continued his training with various courses (D. Sartori, A. Fava, M. González, P. Gaulier, N. Taylor, M. Vogel, T. Prattki, P. Rizza and others). As a creator of masks he has collaborated with more than 40 national and international productions (to name a few:National Theatre of Catalunya, Goombens Theatre, Teatro Principal de Palma, Iguana Teatre, Carpet Theatre, Clownx Theatre, R.Oliver Produccions, Produccions de Ferro, K2 Produccions, Gom Teatre, Tabata Teatre, Diabéticas Aceleradas, Estudi Zero)

Felip Cirer

Technical expert with 40 years of experience


Officine Montecristo,Via San Bernardino da Siena 5, Arezzo, Italy


Registration by 28 February 2018

€ 160

+ € 50 (optional) for accommodation 2 nights in shared homes with other participants

Registration from 1 March 2018

€ 180

+ € 50 (optional) for accommodation 2 nights in shared homes with other participants

The costs of the materials are included in the fee, the mask created and the basic sculpture kit will remain with the participants.

To register you must send a deposit equal to 50% of the entire amount by bank transfer to the Association and the appropriate form filled in all its parts by e-mail.

Registrations will close when the maximum number of participants is reached (16).

For information and registration:

Corinna 345 0776201

Galleria Immagini